Get to know the rules for getting piercings.

You can find the best body piercing jewelry. Choose an appropriate place to observe all hygiene rules and have qualified staff. Piercings performed without disinfected material are a source of hepatitis C and B transmission, and many infections.

When getting your piercing done, you have to be careful. Body piercing jewelry to be placed must be 316 L stainless steel (surgical) or at least 14 carat gold, polished, and where there are no scratches or nicks. Avoid gold plated, wood and stone materials. Make a wise choice! In addition to:

Always wash hands before handling orders placed and disinfected twice daily for a week so that wounds are subject to antiseptic products. But don’t do it more than twice a day, it can delay healing.

At the slightest sign of swelling, see your doctor or pharmacist to avoid aggravation. There is always a risk of necrotics and infection.

· Carefully brush your teeth and tongue, if possible, with a new toothbrush. It is important to change the brush as we may currently have some bacteria and cause infection in the holes.

· Rinse with an antibacterial oral solution diluted with water.

For the tongue

Usually we brush our teeth three times a day, after meals, morning, afternoon and evening. If you make other food, drink, cigarette, candy, it will need more after rinsing our mouth which is exposed to any bacteria.

Avoid using irritants (snuff, alcohol, grease, drugs, etc.) while you are healing the piercing area. Get ice the early days for area inflammation. Sometimes the tongue swells in excess ways and it can be very annoying. Try sucking on ice or ice cream because the cold reduces the swelling of the body piercing jewelry, try not to talk too much and keep the tongue at rest, even take any oral anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen) following the prospectus indication.

You need to have a healthy diet, adequate rest hours, play sports, not use drugs, alcohol or fat; You need to have high defenses so that your body fails to heal wounds.

Make sure you like pieces of body piercing jewelry.

You can’t take it right away. You need to wait for it to heal properly. When you do, there you have to start following the indications. It’s perfect for finding the right professional. Failure to do so can cause frustration. Gather data and look into the person’s eyes, you will realize that you are being scammed. The material must be new and in perfect condition! You know that if you are not careful, it can transmit disease.

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