Keep your body piercing the jewelery to prevent it from getting into trouble. This will help you in many ways, because the area will not swell. For this reason we will put the blank will be a little longer than the specified, it should be left for about three weeks, changed when pierced and cured.

There are many tips for keeping body piercing jewelry.

For the tongue, you might also consider a quality mouthwash. Do this several times, (always after eating or smoking), we observe the antiseptic composition and if you bring alcohol diluted with 1/2 water. This will prevent possible blisters on the gums. This antiseptic is not meant to be used multiple times a day. We can also help avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs. Find out how to choose a top piercing. Don’t forget to identify the right ingredients. Get the best help.

On the lips, the process is the same as language which does not require anti-inflammatory, although the (outer) skin area should be cleaned with salt 2 times a day with Betadine once.

Skin body piercing jewelry

For eyebrows, navel, ears, nose, you need to consider other options. We wash well with soap and water (if more neutral), clean 2 times a day with salt and 1 time with Betadine. In addition to:

– Never use Betadine on the inside of the nose, because the pH is very high it can easily damage it.

– We should also avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and immersion, especially the first 2 weeks.

Genital body piercing jewelry, despite being the most powerful, there are complications in terms of healing, because these areas are usually mucous and also have an excellent blood supply and easier tissue regeneration.

Remember if you are going to make a hole in your body always turn into a qualified professional and graduate to avoid disappointment.

According to sources, Lady Gaga forgot about her underwear and let them poke them out! The pop diva keeps the secret between her legs. Lady Gaga is again the protagonist of the controversy after one of her freaks perched on the Big Apple of New York and this time, it’s not the originality of her looks and the height of their shoes but because she forgot her underwear at home and was allowed to air one of their most intimate secrets.

Both the red dress with puffy sleeves and the futuristic glasses prevent the most discerning paparazzi goals from focusing on her body piercing jewelry. The opening of the dress is too long and unfolding, without any blocks. The piercing was hidden, because the singer did not pay attention to this. Apparently, Gaga loves not only tattoos but has also been encouraged to venture into the world of piercing.

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